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Meet the Craft

The Craft Launchpad will allow you to deploy and promote your own NFT presale.

No coding skills required

Customize your presale as you wish

Get your own ready-to-go website with the mint process included

Get listed as a verified launchpad partner and promote your presale on Craft

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Create your collection without any coding skills
Thanks to the launchpad, you can create your collection without any development skills
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A follow-up and a personalized support
We accompany you throughout the process in order to guide you and help you at best
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Features on
Promotion on our launchpad page where the community can discover your project directly on Craft


A simple 5-step process that makes it easy to put your collection online and mint it.
step 1

Prepare metadatas

Once the metadatas of your collection are ready, you can start the process!

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step 2

Deploy contracts

You can deploy the smart contracts from Craft GUI and your own wallets!.

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step 3

Publish website

Your website is generated and automatically created with your presale settings, users will be able to mint from Ledger and Hana.

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step 4

Mint is live

You can now allow the community to mint the NFTs of your collection and manage your whitelist & limit settings.

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step 5

Get listed on Craft

- Get featured on the Launchpad section of Craft to reach more users
- Details your roadmap, introduce your team and connect with your audience!
- Allow users to mint directly from the Craft UI

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Do you have an NFT project ?

You are an artist or a builder interested in getting a presale started? Our launchpad is made for you! Contact us now to set up the launch of your collection

Create a ticket on Discord
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