How to create & sell your collectibles?

On Craft, you can create your own NFT tokens as collectibles and buy/sell them in the marketplace. The collectibles you created are permanently recorded on the ICON blockchain, which proves authenticity and ownership of your creations.

How to create ?

To craft a collectible, you simply need to log in with ICONex (top right of the screen). A Craft button will appear, click, follow a few simple steps, and it’s done! You have effectively minted NFT tokens on the ICON blockchain, with your digital signature and proof of ownership!

During the creation process, you may create under the default Craft collection or create a collection of your own. You can also adjust granular details like royalty fees, list the item for sale, or add additional attributes to the NFT items. Give it a try, it’s really simple!

Craft - How to create
Craft - How to sell

How to sell ?

Once your collectibles are created, you can list them for sale on Craft marketplace. Upon successful purchase, your collectible will be transferred automatically to the buyer and the funds will be credited to your wallet (minus fees and royalties).

If you’re the creator of the collectible, any secondary sale will also earn you royalty fees based on the sale price.

How to earn $CFT tokens ?

The platform will provide marketplace liquidity mining, in simpler terms, any buy/sell activity will be recorded and you will receive $CFT tokens in proportion to the overall network activity. The more you participate, the more you earn!

Craft - How to earn
About Craft FAQ
What is Craft?
Craft is an NFT marketplace owned by the community, powered by the ICON blockchain. Users can create, buy or sell their collectibles on this platform.
Who owns my NFTs?
NFTs minted are owned by their respective creators. Upon the sale of each NFT, transfer of NFT ownership also grants non-commercial rights of the NFT. Owners of the NFT can resell in the marketplace and original creator will earn a royalty fee on all secondary sales.
How do I sign up to use Craft?
Download ICONex wallet on Google Chrome, connect, and you’re in !
What is an NFT collection?
An NFT collection is simply a collection of related NFTs, much like how you’d group related files in a specific folder. We also provide a base collection - The Craft Collection, for any uncategorized NFTs that you can simply add to.
How do auctions works?
You can put your NFT up for auction. The seller can decide the listing price, the end of the auction and the minimum increment % between each bid. Everyone is allowed to bid and if a bid is placed during the last 10 minutes, the end of the auction is postponed for another 10 minutes
What are floor sweeps?
The new sweep floor feature allows you to buy the "floor" of a collection by choosing the number of NFTs you wants to buy. This feature is a huge time saver because it allows you to buy the lowest priced NFTs of a collection in one click.
Can I mint an NFT on Craft without selling it ?
Yes. During the creation process, untoggle "List for sale".
How does the royalty system work ?
As creators of the Craft network, you can earn a percentage of royalty fee from secondary sales. You can adjust royalty fee in advanced options during the creation process. Royalty fees only occur when the secondary sale is higher than its original price. For example, Bob creates an NFT art piece and sells it for 100 ICX with a 10% royalty fee. Alice purchases the piece and later resells it for 300 ICX in the open market. Since the resale price is higher than its original price, Bob will get 30 ICX (10% of 300 ICX) as his royalty reward upon its sale.
What are the fees used by Craft ?
We charge a flat service fee of 2.5% on every sale from the buyer. Sellers do not pay service fees.
How do I suggest new features ?
Please come to our Discord channel to make suggestions, we will carefully consider all feedbacks.
DAO / $CFT token
What is $CFT ?
As the Craft Network aims to become a DAO based ecosystem, $CFT will be the native governance token of the network. $CFT holders will have rights to vote on various proposals, from development directions, content and other governance decisions.
How is $CFT distributed and who is eligible ?
$CFT are earned through market liquidity mining and LP staking. These are all based on your buying and selling activities against the network total. As per the terms of service, wash trading is prohibited and will lead to the blacklisting of your address from the Craft marketplace and the exclusion of this address from the liquidity mining rewards.
What's member tiers ?
We have designed a tier system that will be applied to many $CFT features, the goal of different member tiers is to reward long-term and committed holders. We also plan to bring some gamification aspect to the marketplace through this design.
What's fees sharing ?
“Fees sharing” refers to platform service fees (2.5%), of which we will allocate a portion to $CFT stakers. This effectively makes $CFT owners and stakers to own a piece of the platform and earn its operation revenue. The shared fees will be split into two allocations, one portion will go toward $CFT stakers directly, and the other portion will be distributed towards a DAO fund. Here is all the informations and détails about fees sharing :
How to buy $CFT ?
You can buy $CFTs on or you can earn them directly by trading nft on Craft.
How to get involved in Craft governance ?
For proposal discussions, please join our Discord channel.
Member tiers : How does it work ? What is required ?
You need to have a certain amount of CFT to participate.
Bronze requirement: 0 $CFT
Silver requirement: 50,000 $CFT
Gold requirement: 100,000 $CFT
Platinum requirement: 250,000 $CFT
Diamond requirement: 500,000 $CFT.
$CFT staking and Fees sharing
What’s $CFT staking ?
The protocol is sharing a part of its revenues to the $CFT stakers! Craft is charging 2.5% of fees on each NFT trade. These fees is now distributed to the $CFT stakers and DAO fund with a ratio equivalent to 50:50 and there is at the moment a 1 day lock-up period before being able to unstake your $CFT.
What about governance with $CFT staking?
Staked $CFT will also be required to take part in Craft governance. Governance is the last step to be able to decentralize entirely the Craft network. It will allow any users with at least the gold tier to spin up a governance proposal to change any setting of the Craft network. The team is working on it and we’ll keep you up to date on our socials.
$CFT tiers : How does it work ? What is required ?
Tiers are calculated from their staked $CFT balance.The tier of the user will impact the amount of rewards received :
🥉 Bronze tier (no condition): No bonus
🥈 Silver tier (from 50k CFT staked): 20% bonus
🥇 Gold tier (from 100k CFT staked) 30% bonus
⭐ Platinum tier (from 250k CFT staked) 40% bonus
💎 Diamond tier (from 500k CFT staked) 50% bonus
How to link my $CFT tier to my Discord profile
You can link your $CFT tier to your Discord account to access exclusive channels & roles.
You can check out detailled instructions here:
LP token
What is CFT/sICX LP token ?
The CFT/sICX LP tokens represent the share of the Balanced liquidity pool that is used to allow trading of CFT tokens on the ICON Blockchain.
How many $CFT will be distributed ?
10% of the $CFT supply (21M CFT) is dedicated to rewarding the LP tokens staked on Craft. It means that you earn rewards from both this staking pool and the fees earned by the CFT/sICX pool.
How often does the $CFT distribution occur ?
The rewards will be distributed weekly (weeks start/end at 11 AM UTC on Mondays) and will be calculated based on daily snapshots. Please note that this may take an additional time due to wash trading checks of the week.
What’s the lock-up period ?
The LP Tokens have a lock-up period of 1 day upon deposit, once this period is over, you’ll be able to instantly unlock your LP tokens.
How to get CFT/sICX tokens ?
Here is our tutorial which will allow you to buy CFT and sICX to get LP Token :
What are Balanced Bribes?
The Craft DAO periodically submit bribes for BALN voters that vote for the CFT/sICX pool on Balanced here.