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Earn with Craft $CFT token

Put your CFT to work

$CFT is the governance and utility token of the Craft ecosystem. You can earn more with your CFT by either staking your Balanced CFT/sICX LP (see the guide here) or by staking your CFT token to earn a portion of the marketplace fees. Your LP tokens and $CFT will be locked for a period of 1 day after being staked. Liquidity Mining and LP Staking rewards are distributed each Monday. $CFT staking rewards are distributed everyday.

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What is $CFT about

$CFT at its core is the governance token for the Craft Network. This allows stakeholders to vote on various proposals, from development direction to governance decisions. $CFT will continue to expand its utilities, explore a few ideas we have in the pipeline!

Craft - How to create

Enjoy membership discount on NFT items

Get discounted prices on your favorite NFT items! Creators can provide additional discount to each tier.

Craft - How to sell

Like your own business

Stake your $CFT tokens and own a piece of the platform. You’ll earn a part of the platform service fees generated by marketplace activities!

Craft - How to earn

Early access to NFTs drops

Can’t stay up to wait for a drop? No problem. Creators can offer early or exclusive access to our privileged members so you don’t miss out on your favorite artist drops!

Craft - How to earn

Participate in Craft Governance

As a $CFT token holder, you can participate in a wide variety of topics from our community proposals. These can include which NFTs deserve the spotlight, which artists should be featured, what is the next feature we should include for the platform, platform fee adjustments and much more!

Buy $CFT tokens

$CFT tokens are earned through marketplace liquidity mining, that is, your buy and sell activities. The more activities you have on the platform, the more $CFT tokens you’ll earn. $CFT tokens will be listed to our exchange partners for additional liquidity, stay tuned for more information!

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