Craft is an NFT marketplace owned by the community.

Each week, users will earn $CFT tokens based on their buying and selling activities. Craft is currently under development. Subscribe to the newsletter to be informed of the project's progress.

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Platform Features
Create, buy and sell

Create, buy and sell

As an artist, you can create collectibles to sell in the marketplace, and continue to earn royalties from each secondary sales. As an investor, you can purchase collectibles from the marketplace, or even simply showing off your collection to the community and friends!



Every collectible on Craft is digitally signed by the creator and permanently recorded on the ICON blockchain. Proof of ownership and authenticity can easily be verified on-chain without the possibility to tamper the records.

Earn $CFT

Earn $CFT

Each week, users will earn $CFT tokens based on their buying and selling activities, and there will be additional incentives for those who join early! $CFT tokens will also allow you to vote on platform development and governance decisions.

Tutorial How will it work?

How to craft ?

To craft a collectible, you simply need to log in with ICONex (top right of the screen). A Craft button will appear, click inside and follow a few simple steps, and it’s done! You have effectively minted NFT tokens on the ICON blockchain, with your digital signature and proof of ownership!

During the creation process, you may create under the default Craft collection or create a collection of your own. You can also adjust granular details like royalty fees, list the item for sale, or adding additional properties to the NFT items. Give it a try, it’s really very simple!

Craft - How to create
Craft - How to sell

How to sell ?

Once your collectibles are created, you can list them for sale in the Craft marketplace. Upon successful purchase from the buyer, your collectible will be transferred automatically to the buyer and the funds will be credited to your wallet (minus fees and royalties).

If you’re the creator of the collectible, any secondary sale will also earn you royalty fees based on the sale price.

How to earn $CFT tokens?

The platform will provide marketplace liquidity mining, in simpler terms, any buy/sell activity will be recorded and you will receive in proportion to the overall network activity. The more you participate, the more you earn!

Craft will provide incentives for early platform adopters, with a linear distribution over a 30-week schedule. Again, this is based on your buy/sell activity, a bonus reward scheme for the early birds!

Craft - How to earn
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